Yalu SPACE Jailbreak (64-Bit Devices, Except iPhone 7) For iOS 10 – 10.2 

In today's video I will present you a new version of yalu102 called Yalu Space. This one is an alternative to the original yalu102, or Yalu Dark, and was created by jakeajames. The interface is pretty, contains a lot of blue and it does have some interesting features. It does include a toggle for enabling or disabling Mobile Substrate, or for reinstalling the Jailbreak, and it also includes a new feature called "increase vnode" which aims to make the Jailbreak a bit more stable, although I am not entirely convinced about its efficacy yet.

This is a yalu102 fork so it will not work on iPhone 7. I did find a couple bugs and I've reported them to the creator so that he can fix them, but nothing that would affect the functionality of the Jailbreak.
Because it is a fork of yalu102 sharing the same original Yalu Jailbreak code by @qwertyoruiopz, you should be fine switching from yalu102 or any other yalu102 fork (like Yalu Dark or Blue Yalu) to this.

I've tested this on iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2 and is working fine, the interface is nice and the features are usable. The fork is open sourced which means anyone can grab the code and analyze it or improve it. The source code was made available by Jake on his GitHub and I've linked it down bellow.

The original yalu102 project
Yalu Dark
Blue Yalu
iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Status (Week 21) | About Pangu, Extra_Recipe, Chronic Dev Team


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