New JAILBREAK DETECTION BYPASS (Best One So Far, For ALL Apps) Coming Soon! (LibHooker Pro)

By far the biggest issue jailbreak users had in the past few years is Jailbreak detection by many applications and games. Many apps simply refuse to let you use the app if you’re jailbroken, just for the sake of it. While some apps do this because of security concerns, most just do it because they can, and jailbreak detection bypasses have been pretty inconsistent over the years. This is about to change with LibHooker Pro, which aims to be the best jailbreak detection bypass that ever existed on iOS.

Created by Coolstar, the same developer behind Odyssey Jailbreak, Sileo, Taurine Jailbreak, and Anemone, LibHooker Pro aims to be so much more than a simple jailbreak detection bypass. It aims to come with a plethora of memory-level tools that will prevent once and for all the apps from denying you access just because you chose freedom on your device you paid for.

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