iOS 11 – 15.4.1: How to Fix Bootloop / Device Stuck in Recovery or DFU Mode With TunesKit

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In today’s video, I will guide you through how you can fix an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 15.5 or older, if it’s stuck in a bootloop or refuses to power on normally, after a failed update, jailbreak issues, or after installing malfunctioning tweaks from Cydia, etc. If the device is in a bootloop, it will briefly show the Apple logo and then reboot. This will repeat again and again but the device will not boot back to the home screen.

To fix this, today, we’re using TunesKit iOS System Recovery, a software developed by TunesKit, which allows you to restore the device back to a functional state if the issue was caused by a software mishap. Do keep in mind that this software cannot fix the device if the issue is hardware-related. TunesKit allows you to attempt restoring the device without losing the data. If that fails, you can attempt the advanced restore which will clear out everything but has more success rate.

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