iOS 15.0 – 15.3.1 JAILBREAK News: New Techniques RELEASED (Can Be Used In Unc0ver / Taurine JB)

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Today we’re discussing the latest research released by security expert John Åkerblom, who has recently posted a brand new kernel exploit for iOS 15.1.1 and lower, as well as their presentation slides containing both new and old techniques to obtain Kernel Read / Write which is necessary for jailbreaks.

John’s exploit for iOS 15.1.1 is definitely usable for jailbreak purposes and can be used to update both the Unc0ver and Taurine Jailbreaks. While we don’t have any words from Pwn20wnd about Unc0ver, Coolstar has already confirmed they may use this new exploit to update Taurine, especially for iOS 14.8.1 and lower, but not only.

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