This is iPhone 8? (New Leaked iPhone 8 Photos)

Today we're quickly discussing about some iPhone 8 allegedly leaked photos that seem to imply the fact that the iPhone 8 might have the Touch ID sensor on the back, absolutely no button on the front (not even a home button apparently), a full display with quite small bezels and two cameras on the back. These pictures are nowhere near what all the concepts are showing up nor what other leaked photos show. The rumored Wireless Charging on iPhone 8 hasn't been confirmed yet, but I guess its something Apple will take into consideration.

I am not a fan of this design and if this really is a real leaked photo of the upcoming device, suddenly that iPhone 7 isn't looking that bad…
I mean, these leaked photos show a device that vaguely resemble an iPhone (if you look at it from the back), because the front just looks like a plain generic touch-screen Android device. 

Of course, each individual will have his own opinion about these leaked photos and the design featured in them, but for me, it simply doesn't say "iPhone" anymore.

I really hope these leaked photos turn out fake and I really hope the device won't be looking like this when it comes out. Hopefully the iOS 11 that is going to come with the device will add some great features to it, although, there is not much Apple can add to their devices – considering the fact that these devices already work great. Maybe a Dark Mode? Maybe some Wireless Charging? some proper BlueTooth, a revamp of the UI won't be bad either, but even without all these, the iPhone still does its job, so I am very curious about what Apple will come up with on iOS 11 and iPhone 8.

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