New iPhone 7 / 7 + Jailbreak (Extra_Recipe for 10.1.1) | Adam’s Exploit Can Be Adapted for 32-Bit 

In today's video I have some great news for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users as well as for 32-Bit users (iPhone 5 and 5C). For iPhone 7 users, @xerub has created a new mach_portal + yalu replacement called extra_recipe + yalux which is currently in Beta 1. When this will become stable (in the next releases), people will be able to enjoy a Jailbreak that is a bit more stable on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to Luca Todesco, for the moment Beta 1 SHOULD NOT be used if you're already Jailbroken because it doesn't enable the substrate and it does not mount as R/W. Some sources also say it does not contain Cydia at all. Of course, being the Beta 1, it will most likely be updated.

For 32-Bit users, there is still a small chance. I asked Adam Donenfeld if his exploit that will be released in the summer can somehow be adapted for armv7 (32-bit) and he replied to me with the fact that yes, it can definitely be ported but it will pose some small issues (that aren't impossible to overcome. Now, this is definitely great, unfortunately we don't know if anyone will take the time to do that. Porting the exploit from aarc64 to armv7 is definitely not an easy task, anyways, if you're on iOS 10.3.1 on iPhone 5 and 5C, maybe it would be worth not to update to 10.3.2. If you're already jailbroken, don't update to 10.3.1!

In this video I will also explain why me and Luca Todesco keep on arguing with each other. Basically, a lot of people asked my why he added my twitter handle on his website along with icrackUriDevice. Well, me and Luca never came to terms one with another. We always beef for stupid reasons. I've asked him (politely) a lot of times in the past if he can help me with various things I did not know about iOS Reverse Engineering, but he always replied with an air of superiority. A couple of days ago we've beefed over a reddit post I made in which I also mentioned him and his bad behavior. Apparently he got pissed off then. In the video I made yesterday I mentioned the fact that he said he thinks his KPP bypass from 10.2 might work on 10.2.1, and I said that he should have told us earlier because a lot of people updated already to 10.3.1. iOS 10.2.1 was released in January, so 5 months ago. I think this is what pissed him of so much that he added me on his website. I've tried to talk with him normally in the past, but unfortunately, as many others, I've failed. I really hope one day me and him will be able to talk with each other like 2 fully grown men. He acts like a kid every time you tell him what he does wrong. Let alone his replies are most of the times highly impulsive. He is a good developer. I respect him for that, but that's not how you treat somebody who wanna help clearing this iOS Jailbreak drama up.

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