iCloud Bypass Tools From Websites – Should you trust them? 

In today's video I wanted to address an important matter, and that is something a lot of you have asked me in the past: Should you trust the tools (programs) for Windows or MAC that claim to be "iCloud Removing" tools? The issue is a very large one as unfortunately there are a couple thousands (if not even more) websites currently having such tools, and you can even find them on eBay advertised with various names. Phonlab has also been talking about these matters lately and with good reason. Websites claiming to have magical software that can remove the iCloud Activation start to pop almost every week and some of them are very very high on Google Search, which hints the fact that people do access them.

I've always been interested in the iCloud Activation and you probably know I've also developed some Apps, but NOTHING that can remove iCloud instantly as some of these sites claim. I've been studying the iCloud Activation for 2 years now, and I pretty much know what can and can't be done. Some websites or videos show hardware methods. Yes, hardware methods do work (most of them), but that is because you swap either chips or the entire locked motherboard with a new (or unlocked second hand) one. While speaking about magical tools for Windows, maybe the most common thing is the DoulCi thing which is nothing but iCloud spelled backwards.

There is a misconception in the middle. DoulCi was a real deal back in 2014, it really used to be a legit tool, but then Apple has patched it and rendered it completely useless. Ever since then, a lot of bluffers have taken the name and the logo and started making fake websites and tools to try to make people think it is the same product, when in fact DoulCi was patched since 2015 or late 2014.
The real problem is not that these tools you usually find on websites like "doulCi" clones are not working, but that most of them are infected with various kinds of malware that can do a lot of harm to your PC. So, yes, refrain from using such things no matter how tempting they look like and never pay for such software!.


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