How Can You Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone/iPad/iPod in 2018 | All you need to know

In today's video, we're going to talk about iCloud Bypass methods that are reliable in 2018. I haven't made a video about this topic in approximately 1 year, therefore, I'd like to update you guys on what's currently going on what 's new.

As of 2018, the best thing you can do is to use the hardware method. This method implies replacing the logic board of the device which is not really the easiest thing to do. You will have to unscrew quite a few screws, disconnect quite a few connectors, all these while being able to put everything back. iFixIt has a very good guide on how to replace the logic board of an iPhone. 

Why replacing the logic board tho?
Well, the logic board contain all it takes for the device to work: the CPU, the RAM, GPU, connectors, chips, resistors, and all the circuitry that makes your phone tick. The SoC on the motherboard also contains the IMEI, Serial number, ECID, UDID and other unique device IDs. The iCloud account and its lock status are tied to these IDs. Changing the logic board means that you get a new set of IDs and if the new motherboard doesn't have its IDs locked too, then the device will work as normal. 

What about CFW iCloud Bypass?
This method is a dead-end in 2018. There are no iBoot or Bootrom exploits available which means that fixing iTunes Error 14 is impossible thus making CFW restores impossible. The idea remains feasible but without an iBoot or Bootrom exploit it is impossible. There are currently iBoot / Bootrom exploits only for the iPhone 4 and older. There might be iPhone 5, 4S and 5C exploits existing but they're kept private for good reason – Apple would patch them and render them useless immediately.

I really hope this video helps you get a better picture of what is currently going on and what are your possibilities if you have an iCloud locked device in 2018. Please keep in mind that this is not a tutorial.

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