iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak STATUS – Pangu’s Demo, Save SHSH2 & Important Warnings!

In today's episode, I'd like to compile a video in which to combine everything that happened in the past week on the Jailbreaking community, because a lot of important things have happened, and a lot of game changing situations have occurred. Pangu has demoed their iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak and changed completely our perception of the iOS 10.3.x Security Mitigations. Their jailbreak demonstration held at the Janus Conference had a big impact on the Jailbreak Community and created a lot of confusion regarding whether people should update to iOS 10.3.1, or whether Pangu is going to release the Jailbreak, or the situation from March 2016 at MOSEC will repeat. In case you are not aware, Pangu has demoed a jailbreak for iOS 10.0 Beta 1 back  in March last year, but before iOS 10.0 was fully released, Apple has patched the underlying bugs exploited by Pangu and therefore, their Jailbreak has never seen the light of a release.

Another important factor now is the SHSH2 blobs saving! @tihmstar confirmed yesterday on Github that Prometheus Downgrade method, also known as Futurerestore IS in fact NOT patched by Apple, and IS compatible with iPhone 6 and above, therefore destroying the myth that Prometheus only works on iPhone 5S, so it is crucial to save the SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.3.1 NOW because Apple is hurrying to release iOS 10.3.2 and get iOS 10.3.1 unsigned. Past that point, saving SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.3.1 will no longer be possible. By saving your SHSH2 tickets you make sure that you WILL be able to downgrade back to iOS 10.3.1 in the future using the downgrade tool available at that point in time.

Fake IPAs have also made their way out in the wild, copying Pangu's demoed jailbreak. Of course, it was fully expected for scammers to start cloning the interface to fool people, so unless downloaded from Pangu's official website, don't trust any "Pangu leaked jailbreak" IPA. The chances to be malware is increased considering the fact that the attackers do know that such malware CAN target a big number of people and they can pass the blame to Pangu. Be careful. 

Pangu's Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 Demoed
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