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Today's video is a follow up to my previous one in which we've discussed about a privilege escalation exploit for iOS 10.x / iOS 10.3.x that will be released during the summer by a security research by the name of Adam Donenfeld. The announcement was made yesterday and a couple of youtubers and twitter accounts jumped into conclusions that the researcher is going to build a Jailbreak. Today he has clarified the situation explaining that he hasn't mention anything about any Jailbreak, what he will release is a kernel exploit with source code and instructions and if anyone wants to take it to the next level (of building a jailbreak on top of it), he can provide help.

The exploit in cause won't be released until somewhere in August when the conference the researcher was talking about will take place, still, he recommends saving SHSH2 blobs.
Adam Donenfeld has confirmed the fact that the exploit does work on iPhone 7 but it does not bypass KPP (Kernel Patch Protection), so I assume a KPP bypass will still be required should some dev decided to wrap it into a full Jailbreak. Still, this is (very) good news, as if you remember, Yalu Jailbreak got created due to a similar project (mach_portal of Ian Beer). Of course, we can't count on Luca Todesco, the creator of Yalu to make this Jailbreak based upon Adam Donenfeld's exploit as he has publicly declared that he has quit the public Jailbreak development, but there are still a lot of other devs capable of doing that. In my opinion even Pangu might step in at some point, or the creators of Home Depot, or even Taig. The exploit appear to be powerful enough to give whoever decided to use it in a Jailbreak a serious jumpstart.

@ijapija00 has also made publicly available his intention to pick the exploit up and build a Jailbreak upon it if he has the time, but that is less probable to happen considering his troubled past as a developer of various sketchy jailbreak demo videos that were never followed by a release. He does have some minimal iOS knowledge tho as he builds simple tweaks on Cydia. It is too early to jump to conclusions, people can change over time.

In this video, although not related, I would also want to quickly announce MotoReaper, a tool that I have developed with RootJunky for Phonlab (Android), in case you're interested what I am doing when I am not doing iOSy things.


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