iOS 10.3.2 – Features, Changes, Battery Life, 32-Bit Speed + Security Fixes

In today's video I've decided to talk a bit about the iOS 10.3.2 release, how it behaves on 32-Bit devices (as well as 64-Bit), which kind of battery life should you be expecting and all the changes / security patches Apple has done to it. We're going to also briefly touch on Jailbreaking, as iOS 10.3.2 fixes a lot of security flaws that could have been used into a Jailbreak. Luckily enough, Pangu Team isn't credited anywhere on iOS 10.3.2's Security Contents page by Apple, which means that they haven't disclosed any bugs that they've been using in their Janus Demo (iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak) that was compatible with iPhone 7 too.

iOS 10.3.2 seem to be pretty stable overall. After a couple days of using, I can't tell any outstanding bugs or hangs, other than the normal trend that started with iOS 10.x on the 32-Bit devices (iPhone 5 and 5C) that seem to get slower and slower as the updates unfold.
Although iOS 11 Beta 1 is around the corner, waiting to be released next month during the WWDC 17, Apple has taken the time to seed one more iteration of iOS 10, that being iOS 10.3.3, currently in Beta 1.

For those of you interested in Jailbreaking, I would not recommend updating to iOS 10.3.2 as Pangu's demo was for iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3. Save your SHSH2 blobs tho. You can find quite a few tutorials available on the channel for that.

In terms of outstanding security updates, iOS 10.3.2 fixes the iBooks issue that could have been used by an attacker to craft a malicious iBook (PDF?) and spawn various websites in safari at random times.


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