iCloud Bypass STATUS UPDATE: About the CFWs And Firmware Manager

In this video i'd like to bring the current status of the iCloud bypass for those of you interested in this topic. Especially since I decided to remove the Firmware Manager X tool.

A lot of people asked me where is the link for the F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager X software, as The iPhone Wiki page is blank. The reason I've decided to remove it is quite simple. In order to restore a CFW on iOS as of 2017, you need to have an iBoot, LLB or Bootrom exploit. None of these are currently available publicly for anything newer than the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4 exploits (like limera1n) aren't compatible with newer devices like iPhone 4S and up, so, to avoid having people believe that CFWs can be restored without exploit, I've decided to take the Firmware Manager app down until such exploits would be available (if ever). 

Another reason is that I haven't updated the Firmware Manager app in over 8 months, this means that most of the functions are outdated and likely not working. I would also like to recommend against getting Firmware Manager from other sources, as it has been re-uploaded without my permission and may not be safe!

As part of the video, I am also talking about the F.A.Q. page that I recommend you to read if you're interested in iCloud Bypass, as it contains a lot of information and updates regarding publicly available exploits. In the video I also explain why such exploits are needed in the first place and why you can't fix the Error 14 on iTunes, or the ASR Error 100 on idevicerestore. The reason is that without an iBoot/LLB/Bootrom exploit, you can't patch the signature checks and therefore, loading a modified ASR inside a custom ramdisk is not possible.

In the end, we're discussing about the iCloud Bypass Status platform I've been working on for a while. It provides info about scammers you should avoid in the iCloud Community, trusted services we've verified, and the current possible methods for each device, including the new iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

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