How To Bypass iCloud Activation on iOS 12, iOS 11 and iOS 13 | Current methods that work in 2019!

How To Bypass iCloud Activation – Introduction

In this article, I am going to tackle the topic of iOS 12, iOS 13 and iOS 11 iCloud Activation Bypass. Of course, this made an interesting topic for as long as iCloud Activation itself, and over the years people found multiple ways to bypass (in a way or another) the iCloud Activation on various Apple devices.

Apple introduced iCloud activation lock back in iOS 7 in 2013, but activation has been around ever since iOS 6 or so, and this article is not all-encompassing and it will focus on Apple’s iOS, and it will completely avoid Macs and MacBooks for the sake of simplicity. This article is provided for research and educational reasons and should only be used on s the device you purchased legally. Don’t steal devices, it’s immoral and illegal.

With this being said, let’s explore together what are, currently, as of 2019 (and soon to be 2020). Please do keep in mind that I am not the creator/programmer of these methods, so I cannot offer support for them, but for each of these methods listed, I will add links to the creators / those who discovered the bugs so that you can contact them if you have further inquires.

iCloud Bypass Ilustration

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iCloud Activation Lock in perspective

Over the years people used multiple ways of getting this done if you forgot the password of your iCloud account, or if you happen to have made a dummy account just to download apps from the App Store, without knowing it binds your device to it.

Fake or dummy accounts used to be a problem on Android too, and when Google introduced FRP (Factory Reset Protection) in Android, people started losing access to their devices all of the sudden when they reset them because now the device would ask for that dummy account one made just to download apps.

This was quite a common way to get yourself locked out of your device, so no wonder people search for ways to bypass it.

To make things clear, iCloud Activation Lock is a good thing in itself. It protects you from thieves because if your phone is stolen, you can lock it from Apple’s iCloud website and the thief would not have a lot of success getting the phone back to a working condition. Well, at least not easily. You can also wipe the device from the same iCloud portal, which protects whoever’s got your device from accessing your sensitive data.

Sometimes, innocent people get locked out of their own devices because they made a dummy account just for apps. They’ve long forgotten the password, or they simply forget their password, which is a problem.

iCloud Bypass methods over the years

This is an overview of the methods that used to be used for bypassing iCloud Activation on iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and even iOS 10. They are all kept documented on my iCloud Bypass Status site. Some of them even work as of today.

  • iCloud Bypass using CFW (Custom Firmware or Custom iPSW). Because of the iBoot exploit, it requires, this method is no longer used today. It implied modifications to the iOS firmware files so that the activation lock is bypassed by removing (or pathing) The is what handles the initial device configuration. Language, WiFi network, iCloud Activation, Fingerprint, etc. are all handled by it.
  • iCloud Bypass using DNS servers. This has been used since iOS 7 and it still holds strong. It implies changing the DNS server to a specific IP address on WiFi Settings. Ighor July’s server is the most well-known and reliable for this. This is, however, not a full bypass, but just a workaround. You get some functionality.
  • SoNick_14’s iCloud Bypass is a semi-permanent solution. It works on iOS 10.2.1 and lower, and it costs $12.
  • iOS Hacktivation has been used in the early days of iOS. It implied iOS iPSW modification (CFW iCloud Bypass) and used to be done with Sn0wBreeze and RedSn0w. This hasn’t been doable since iPhone 4. It also had disadvantages, such as Push Notifications, iMessage, and FaceTime not working.
  • doulCi servers iCloud Bypass. doulCi made real bypasses back in 2014 and used to work. The method exploited a bug in Apple’s Activation that has long been patched. It still works pre-iOS 7.1.x. Over the years there have been many iCloud Bypass scammers with that name, so avoid it.

iCloud Activation Bypass methods that work nowadays:

iOS hacktivation or iCloud bypass is now a very hard thing to do. Apple learned from their own mistakes of the past and hardened their security. Still, nothing is bulletproof.

Down below you can see a couple of methods that are still usable nowadays with limited success, some better than others.

All iCloud Bypass methods, past or current, had an issue. After bypass, your device will always state “No Service” instead of the carrier name and the SIM card will not be usable. WiFi and Bluetooth seem to work as intended. It’s a limitation that hasn’t been fully passed ever.

  • iOS 11’s passcode bug. Back in early iOS 11, Apple introduced a new option called “Unlock With Passcode” in their iCloud Activation page. Versions like iOS 11.0, iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2 are quite possibly still vulnerable. Finding a device on those versions is not easy, however.
  • Backup bugs. People used multiple backup-related bugs to bypass iCloud to some degree in the past. This involves making a backup and editing it on a computer. This may still work nowadays with limited success.
  • iCloud DNS Bypass (v2). Ighor July made another of his DNS portals recently. This one uses an HTML bug to change the Activation page. This is much more powerful than the Captive Portal used in the past. Details can be found on Ighor’s video.
  • Logic Board Replacement. This method guarantees to make the device fully functional if done right. This method allows you to use a SIM Card too. The logic board ties to the Apple Activation server which checks the serial number and IMEI. New board gives you a new Serial Number. Watch out for locked boards sold as good on eBay.

What about official iCloud Bypass methods?

  • The Apple method. Apple also unlocks devices if you provide a proof of purchase to them in an Apple store. They only unlock devices you purchased new. If you bought it second hand, you’re out of luck with this method. If you did, however, buy it anew and you still have the receipt, go into an Apple Store. They will unlock it for you.
  • If you go this route, you may wanna provide additional stuff with you, such as the receipt, the box of the device and any other proof of purchase you may have.

iOS iCloud Bypass –  Conclusions

The CFW method did wonders back when iOS was younger and less protected. Nowadays, the lack of iBoot or SecureROM (BootROM) exploits makes it impossible or at least very hard to implement. Don’t lose your time with it. Find more info about CFWs on F.C.E. 365 CFW iCloud Bypass page.

This holds especially true for iOS 13 and iOS 12, but also iOS 11. Many guides are available, but they predate Apple’s added enhancements. If you wanna use the device fully, buy a new logic board. This works the best and has no side effects if you do it right.

Ighor’s DNS Bypass works and it still serves a purpose. If you don’t mind way fewer features, it fills a hole and can be used. I would personally recommend using this only if you know the limitations. You can visit the official website if you wanna learn more about this method.

If you still have the proof of purchase and you got the device “new”, go to an Apple Store and tell the Geniuses that you locked your device accidentally and you don’t remember your password. They may be able to help. They do need your proof of purchase, so bring that with you.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article helps you unlock or at least understand better your device.


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