iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 11 Jailbreak By Asautman DEBUNKED! (Former YoYuppee)

In today's video we're debunking yet another hoax jailbreak channel, in fact, it is a notorious scammer going by the name of YoYuppee. He recently changed his channel name from that, to "Asautman" after I debunked his scams back in July. 

The channel provides a lot of videos and has a big 5K subscribers audience, but all jailbreak videos on that channel are fake. Now, it seems that he stepped up the game a bit, by adding links to so called jailbreak IPAs in the description of his videos. Those links as far as I can see redirect to a poorly made blog, and from there to some Russian file sharing server. 

Needless to say that is best to avoid downloading anything from that channel as they can easily contain malware. He claims his jailbreak is the KeenLab jailbreak, but in reality, I talked with Liang Chen, the developer behind KeenLab jailbreak and they do not have any plans to release that, so this dude had no way to get his hands on the jailbreak IPA. He also seem to be using Pangu and Yalu's name quite a lot, probably to deceive people into thinking it's a jailbreak from a good source. In reality, the IPAs he provides have nothing to do with these jailbreak teams.

For veterans in the iOS Jailbreak community, it is easy to tell whether a jailbreak is fake or legit, but for newcomers, it can be difficult, so I hope this video helps clearing the things out.

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