How to Build SAIGON JAILBREAK in Xcode For 64-Bit iOS 10.2.1

As you probably know, 2 days ago Saigon Jailbreak project has been created as an iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak for a select number of 64-Bit iDevices, but since it is a development jailbreak that is not really polished for the general public yet, those who want to use it ahead of time (mostly developers) would have to build it in Xcode as there is currently no IPA available.

In this video I am showing how to build in Xcode, and how to fix the errors that appear when you try to compile the project. Most of these errors are related to the incorrect Bundle Identifier, incorrect Team ID, or even missing developer account to produce any provisioning profiles for the IPA that is generated.

Please do keep in mind that this jailbreak is in an experimental phase, therefore, errors may still appear or it may take a couple failed attempts before the exploits pass and the device is jailbroken. For those who can't stand reboots and error fixing, I recommend waiting for an official IPA rather than screwing up with the code.

Some 64-Bit devices DO NOT work, please refer to the project page and the official website for Saigon in order to get updates about the compatible devices. As far as I know, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S should be working, there might be more compatible devices but it is not currently easily testable.

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