iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Current Status & WWDC 17, iOS 11, Save SHSH2

In today's video we're going to discuss about the iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak, but we're going to analyze the situation by also including variables like WWDC 17 and iOS 11. The reason such variables should be included is that WWDC (World-Wide Developer Conference) held by Apple each year is going to take place next month, June 5 to June 9. At WWDC, usually each year, Apple unveils the next major iOS release, this year we're talking about iOS 11. Why is iOS 11 important? Well, being a major update, it can't only contain bug fixes and modification here and there – it has to be great, so Apple will have during this period most of their development force focused on the development of the first iOS 11 Beta leaving iOS 10.3.2 Betas a bit behind.

Unfortunately, the rumors claiming that Pangu will release a Jailbreak in one week was confirmed false now as the week has passed and there's still no Jailbreak. There are rumors claiming that Pangu is waiting for iOS 10.3.2 to be released, but at the same time, iOS 10.3.2 or its other Beta should have been released 2 weeks ago (judging by Apple's normal beta release schedule of 1 week per beta), it this didn't happen, which might imply the fact that Apple might also try to delay Pangu.

If Pangu's intentions really are to release,  I am pretty sure they will not do so until iOS 10.3.2 is released to prevent a fast patching of their Jailbreak (although Apple can easily issue security updates).
All in all, the rumors claiming Pangu waits for iOS 10.3.2 to be released are not confirmed officially either so stay on the lowest version possible and save your SHSH2 blobs. TSSChecker tool for saving your SHSH2 blobs was now made available on Cydia so that you can save SHSH2 directly on your iPhone – a pretty cool method if you don't have a PC.

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