iOS 10 Downgrade – Save Your SHSH2 Blobs on iPhone (No PC)

In today's video I am going to show you how you can save your SHSH2 blobs for iOS Downgrades directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, assuming that you're Jailbroken. This is very useful for those of you who do not own a PC or a Mac and can't use the conventional tools for doing this on Windows or macOS. The SHSH2 blobs are very small files usually containing some encrypted data (Device identification data, signatures for various components of the specific iOS version, a generator, Baseband related signatures / firmware details, etc.). These blobs are required if you want to perform a downgrade on iOS after the specific iOS version is no longer signed by Apple. For example: If you want to use Prometheus (FutureRestore) tool by @tihmstar to downgrade back to iOS 10.2 and Jailbreak your iPhone, you will only be able to do that IF you have the blob for iOS 10.2 saved. These blobs can't be forged so you can't modify or use your friend's blobs and you can't edit them to match your device either, that's why it is important to save your own.

Of course, speaking about saving SHSH2 tickets directly from the device without using a computer, there are currently multiple methods of doing so: There's a Telegram bot that can do that, although, because I am not a Telegram user myself, I have no idea if that method is reliable, and then we have 1Conan's website if you want to save the blobs online – again, pretty effective, works on Mobile Safari, gets the job done.

The method I will show you in the video is fairly new (2 or 3 days), and it involves using tsschecker by @tihmstar, the version compiled by TheOnlyGermanGuy for iOS that is available on his repo. In order to use it you have to install MTerminal as well in Cydia.

TssChecker Repo:
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