New Yalu Dark Version Update (With HDMI Fix) for iOS 10.2 / 10.1.1

In today's video I've updated the Yalu Dark so that it reflects the code on the official GitHub project for yalu102. As you probably know, the yalu102 Jailbreak had a small bug that did not allow the HDMI to Lightning adapter to work properly in Jailbroken mode. A fix was issued on the project on GitHub but not to the official IPA, so in order to use the fix people had to compile the project themselves. The fix was pushed somewhere in February to the project, but Yalu Dark and the official IPA uses the first version of the code from January which did not include that fix, so today I've decided to re-compile Yalu Dark by using the latest version of the coding including the HDMI fix.

Yalu Dark is a fork of yalu102 Jailbreak which contains a complete new design that I've built and some additional features, for example a counter that keeps track of how many days have passed since you've installed the app (and signed it) and will send you a notification alert on the 6th day so that you know you'll need to resign yalu soon. (You don't need to do that if you're using an automated resigning application like Extender).

Of course, Yalu Dark is safe and the source code is published on my GitHub for anyone who want to check it. The IPA is also available on my GitHub. The HDMI fix is not mine, it is an official fix from the official project.

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