Yalu Jailbreak Forever – How to Resign Yalu Automatically (No PC)

Are you tired of resigning your Yalu iPA every 7 days?
Well in today's video I will show you how you can resign Yalu Jailbreak IPA automatically from your device without using a PC. This method is based upon the new Extender Reloaded tweak by Matt Clarke available on the repo linked down bellow. This version of Extender is an improved one and does the authentication better than the old one which used to show your password in plain text. This version of extender saves your Apple ID and your password in the Keychain (where it is normal to save such sensitive data on iOS), which makes way better than the previous version.

It works with any IPA, not only with Yalu102, but I suppose Yalu is the one you'd like to resign automatically. Basically, it allows you to resign Yalu IPA automatically after a number of days (configurable), so it basically lets you be Jailbroken forever as the IPA will never expire. You should keep in mind tho, that the signing will only take place automatically if you're in the Jailbroken mode as Extender Reloaded is a tweak.

I've tested this version and I was quite surprised by the quality of it, especially of the way it caches the credentials in a very safe place: the keychain, not inside the app. According to the author, your credentials are only sent to Apple, but I am a bit paranoid, so I recommend using a throwaway free Apple ID inside the app – better safe than sorry. 

All in all, Extender Reloaded seem to work perfectly, the resigning is done properly and so you no longer need to reload your IPA using the computer every 7 days. Finally.
Thanks to EmojiOne for providing free emoji icons!

Extender Reloaded Repo: http://repo.incendo.ws
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