iOS 9.3 Beta 3K Jailbreak – Is it fake or legit? In-depth analysis

Today, we analyze in-depth a new Jailbreak website, this time under the name of 3K Jailbreak. It came across YouTube, a month ago and also on a website with the same name, and it is one of the most legit-looking video when it comes to iOS 9.3 Jailbreak, but is it legit? Does it work?

Scammers seem to learn new tricks and therefore, we need to learn new protection ways. There is a very thin line between having a nice Jailbreak app on your PC, and installing a strong virus such as Brontok and Trojan Horses that CAN control your PC remotely in order to steal credit card details and PayPal credentials.

How can get protected against such security threats?

Well, maybe the best way is to make sure you have your antivirus solution always up to date and scan your PC regularly, also, don't try everything you see on the internet. A very comprehensive method to prevent virus infection from such "Jailbreak" tools is to scan them on Virus Total website. They have a great platform and scan the file you load with a lot of solutions.

UPDATE: On our YouTube Channel, someone commented on the video and told us about the security threat contained in the file, here is the full comment:

George, I took my time and made some comrehensive reseach on this file and here's my report: This program is written on C# and binded with some malicious Botnet or Remote Administration Tool and ecnrypted with C++ crypter to bind with fake GUI and to prevent antivirus detections. Those "autoplay" comments are inserted to hide "Gen.Variant" detections which are present on a new files without signature. He deleted the file from his website because after this guy from Reddit scaaned it on VT, AV companies detected his crypter source and flagged his file. Now he's probably looking for a new private crypter to spread his malware again:)  – PKSHNIK “ПЭКАШНИК” 1000

To sum up, The Chinese 3K App Store has nothing to do with *this* particular website, nor with the tool removed from the site for "fixing 60% error".

Find out why you should avoid it!

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