iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.1.1 JAILBREAK News: New Jailbreak Component RELEASED! Kernel Stable R/W

In this video, we’re discussing the latest developments in the jailbreak community, especially for those of you waiting on iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.1.1, possibly even iOS 15.2 Beta 1. Developer tihmstar has just released stable kernel read/write primitives for iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.1.1. This jailbreak component is crucial in applying the necessary patches that are used to create the jailbreak.

Using the kernel read/write primitives jailbreak developers can escape the sandbox, get root, patch process memory, and build the jailbreak the way you know it. As such, it’s an important component to have. This is based on Brightiup’s kernel exploit released a week or so ago.

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