iOS 10 Jailbreak Achieved by iH8Sn0w on x32 Devices (using iBOOT Exploit) on iPhone 5

Hello guys! Geosn0w here back with good news from the Jailbreak war field. Apparently, the well-known hacker and iOS researcher iH8Sn0w has just managed to Jailbreak his iPhone 5 running iOS 10 Beta 1. According to his raw footage, Cydia works perfectly for the moment and iOS 10 doesn't seem to pose any threat on Jailbreaking, at least not the first build.

While iH8Sn0w will not release his Jailbreak, because it is based on a private iBoot Exploit, his raw video shows clearly that iOS 10 is still Jailbreakable. iOS 9.3.3 wasn't yet launched, so Pangu is still waiting for the stable build before they can release a public Jailbreak.

You probably know that Apple decided to leave the Kernel from x32 devices encrypted for some reason while iOS 10 Beta 1 for iPhone 5S, 6, 6S and up (x64 devices) have the Kernel completely decrypted. Apple's spokesman pointed to an increment in the overal system speed while the security is not compromised as the Kernel does not contain any User infromation.

Even if the kernel on 32-bit devices (iPhone 5 and 5C) is encrypted, iH8Sn0w seem not to have any problem with that. His exploit was still able to grab the AES encryption keys (IV and KEY) from the Keybag of the IMG3 file, therefore, the kernel was decrypted.

The keys for decryption of the encrypted N41 Kernel  (x32):

IV:  236F96EC6288FDCE74D484B8FD53D050

K:  5C7720A942C4706F483C51535DF29D855D541487EACB542183A885F2863EEE85

Also, Apple has limited the access to their Developer Portal. Now you can no longer see the builds in Beta without being logged in with a Paid Apple Developer account. Sad.


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