iOS 10 x64 Kernel Is Not Encrypted | How To Fix “Not Enough Space On Mac Volume” (Windows)

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Today we're discussing about the iOS 10 Beta 1 Kernel that is NOT encrypted on any x64 Apple device, this means that one can find exploits faster, therefore, the Jailbreak might feel a spike in the following months. We know Pangu is already focusing their energy on Jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 which is in BETA for the moment, but iOS 10 might bring new possibilities to the Jailbreak scene. For some reason, Apple decided to leave the kernel for the x32 devices supported (iPhone 5 and 5C) encrypted even tho, the ROOT File System is NOT encrypted. Is this an Apple plan to fix any exploit faster? Anyways, it helps a lot the Jailbreak and iCloud Bypass scenes.

Today I am also showing you how to fix the "Not Enough Space On Mac Volume" error when you try to insert the patched Setup.App file inside the DMG using TransMAC. The procedure is a workaround as DMG files are meant to work on Apple macOS (former OS X). TransMAC offers a couple of tools we're going to use to fix the issue. I hope it helps. Every tool is down bellow as direct link. Please watch the video carefully.

==Other Info==

The name of DMG is: WhitetailSeed14A5261v.N41N42N48N49DeveloperOS

==Download Section==



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