iOS 10 / iOS 9.3.2 – Top 6 Fake Jailbreak Sites You MUST AVOID (And WHY)

iOS 10 BETA 1 was released by Apple during the WWDC 2016, this, of course, gave scammers the opportunity to provide you a "JAILBREAK" solution for iOS 10. Also, these websites seem to have a solution for "Jailbreak" and "Cydia Install" even for iOS 9.3.2 and 9.3.1 even if PANGU and TAIG hasn't released in a while. Of course, these websites are fake, but what is the actual gravity of the situation? Well, it's worse than you might think. Not only that these sites trick you into installing paid apps while they look 100% legit, but some of them conduct serious security threads (viruses – Trojans and Adwares) that might ruin your work, steal your credit card or PayPal data or infect your PC rendering all your data useless.

Before you get hipped and try out any of these websites that for some reason pop up in search when you look for "Jailbreak" on Google, let me present you my TOP 6 sites you should avoid when it comes to real Jailbreaking for iOS 10 or 9.3.2.

While Jailbreaking brings a lot of benefits, finding the correct tool is a balancing act that might render in a severe loss of money / data if you don't pay enough attention. The only trustworthy sources at the moment are PANGU and TAIG whose official websites you can find down bellow.

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