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Today we're talking the latest features, rumors and release date of the upcoming iPhone 7.
The future looks bright, as the new iPhone seem to really be a great new combination between design and features.
At first we're gonna talk about the stunning new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that might be featured on the screens of the iPhone 7 lineup. This will increase the durability of your screen and will protect it more in case of a face-drop.

The Home button also changed, instead of the already traditional Home Button, iPhone 7 will come with a touch home button that will act like 3D Touch, and will give a haptic feedback when touched. This will increase the life of your home button (there is a known issue with the home buttons getting wear and no longer working on iPhones after a few years of using).

The touch ID home button might still keep it's fingerprint detection property.

The iPhone 7 might also come in 3 different models, iPhone 7, the base model, iPhone 7 Plus (released the same day as the iPhone 7) and iPhone 7 Pro, rumored to continue the "Pro" lineup started with iPad Pro on iOS.

The Headphone jack does in fact disappear from the new iPhone 7, and it gets replaced by a new speaker, making the iPhone 7 stereo for a better sound quality. Apple might ship the new iPhone with a special 3.5mm Jack to Lightning adapter. There will also be lightning headphones available for sale from third parties.

The Dual Camera was confirmed, but only on 7 Plus and the rumored 7 Pro. The base model will have a single back camera, but an improved optical image stabilizer.

The iPhone 7 (base) will be 4.7" while the iPhone 7 Plus will have 5.5".

Aside of the improved battery, rumored at 1960 mAh, there will be a new color, rumored to be either Space Black or Space Blue.

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