iOS 10 Beta 7 – iPhone x32 and x64 Setup.App Patch for iCloud Bypass CFW Creation

Apple has released today, August 19 2016, the iOS 10 Beta 7 for registered developers and made the iOS 10 Beta 6 publicly available for normal users. I decided to build the Setup.App Patch for those who have OS X so that they can try the CFW Creation Tutorial which is still up to date.

As for now, iOS 10 Beta 7 is still decrypted in terms of ROOT File System, therefore, modifications on the files can be made without any AES key regardless of device variant.

As per Apple's rules, installing any Beta iOS requires XCODE Beta, thus making the tutorial impossible to be followed if you only have Windows. It's Apple's decision to limit Beta usage.

I highly recommend you to read the F.A.Q. Page before asking questions. It is available on the More Info part, here in the description.

You can follow this tutorial, even if it is Beta 4/5 related the tutorial is still up to date as for Beta 7.

==Download Section==
The patch:!R91yEBiD!TkYqHTwt48kh9bQSh78-b0aHjxqIDMUE0irmztNMzy4



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