Yalu 1011 Fix for iPhone 7 iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak (Increase Jailbreak Stability)

In today's quick video we're discussing about a new package available in a Cydia Repo that might be the best thing that happened recently for the iOS 10.1.1 iPhone 7 Jailbreak users. As you probably know, iPhone 7 doesn't use the normal yalu102 Jailbreak that is in Beta 7 and is somehow stable, iPhone 7 uses Yalu + Mach_Portal Beta 3 which is a complete different package that unfortunately wasn't updated ever since January and it doesn't enable the Cydia Substrate, making the jailbreak unstable, glitchy and pretty much useless for any kind of serious tweak. In order to activate tweaks on the iPhone 7 Jailbroken, people have to activate the substrate either manually via a Terminal command, or using various fixes on the internet.

Today's package aims to change that. Yalu1011 Fix is apparently helping the matter by automatically enabling the Substrate, fixing the SSH Dropbear issues and starting the proper daemons like RocketBootstrap (which is required for theming via Anemone). The package is definitely welcome for the iPhone 7 users as a lot of them who tried the pack reported an increase of the jailbreak stability and usability of over 50%. In a nutshell, by installing this on your iPhone 7, you're going from a bare bone Jailbreak with no Cydia Substrate, broken SSH and broken / not started daemons, to a working Jailbreak, with a working substrate automatically enabled when you Jailbreak, fixed SSH and daemons starting automatically (thus making the Anemone themes to automatically load when you jailbreak), just like the yalu102.

Of course, this single pack might not fix ALL the issues your jailbreak has, not even yalu102 is perfect, but would definitely make you feel like your are Jailbroken on iPhone 7. The good thing: The pack is free of charge.

Warning: This pack is only working with the mach_portal + yalu beta 3 on iPhone 7. It is not required / doesn't help at all if you install it on any other device running yalu102, and might have adverse effects on other devices like iPhone 6S and so on.

Yalu1011 Fix Repo: http://mahyarrezghi.ir/repo
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