iCloud Activation Bypass Using Phishing – Should You Avoid it?

In today's video I've decided to answer some of your questions regarding the iCloud Activation using various techniques other than CFW method. In the previous video we've discussed about the IMEI unlocks available on eBay and on the internet in general, and whether they are legit or not. Today we're discussing about another method that seem to be floating around very high in search, the Phishing method. We're going to discuss about how it is normally implemented and what are the legal consequences that might result if you are using this method.

Due to people searching for it, the websites providing this method have grown in search and pop everywhere when you search for iCloud Activation, the problem is: only a few of these websites take the time to inform their "customers" about the possible legal repercussions. Before trying such methods that pop everywhere in search results, people must think if it's worth the legal issues that might appear just for unlocking a second-hand phone.

MJ, the founder of Phonlab, an online IT / GSM Education platform, has talked numerous times about this kind of iCloud Removals and has an extensive documentation available on his website, I recommend it for those of you who have a subscription there. 

Note: This video will not show you how to do this. If you came here for a tutorial, I am afraid it is not the right place, in this video we're only discussing about this method, its implementation and its legal consequences. Please keep in mind I am not providing such services and I never will.

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