iOS Jailbreak Malware & And How To Protect Your iDevice

Today we're getting in a topic that is rarely addressed but that is very important, that is: How you can protect yourself from the risks that come with having a Jailbroken device. The idea for making this video came after I've created a detailed post about this on Reddit Jailbreak community, where, for my surprise, it was very well received, which makes me think that people really do care about the security of their devices and they are really concerned about the risks that come with the ability to install absolutely anything.

On a normal iOS device, the risk is small (but never inexistent), due to various security mechanisms implemented by Apple. Here we talk about KPP (Kernel Patch Protection), which protects the kernel from being modified and panics the device should that happen. We're also talking about CodeSign which prevents any application whose codesign isn't valid from running (AMFI enforces the codesign checks), then we have the protected ROOT, the Sandboxing which prevents any app, malicious or not from accessing any other files than the ones created by it, thus mitigating some of the effects of a possible malware. There are many more mechanisms, but what is important is that on any Jailbroken device, no matter which version, those security measures are either disabled or tricked into skipping the checks, so the security remains the priority of the end user. Getting anything from Cydia big advantages, hence the big number of people waiting for Jailbreaks, but the bad factors should not be dismissed either: By adding a malicious repo with tweaks customized into looking appealing, you can easily offer the malware a gateway to your device. Now, of course, this is not Cydia's fault. Cydia warns the user when a possibly dangerous repository is added, so the decision is only belonging to the user.

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