iOS DualBoot – NEW COOLBOOTER (32-Bit Jailbroken DualBoot) CLI UPDATE

Yes! A couple hours ago we've got yet another update to Coolbooter, exactly after I've published the video about the update made 3 days ago. This time the update is for CoolBooter CLI instead of CoolBooter App (the difference is that the CLI tool works in Terminal while the App represents a normal iOS application). Needless to say that both of them require a Jailbroken 32-Bit device since 64-Bit devices are not supported.

The update pushed by CoolBooter developer adds the iPhone 4S support to the CLI tool as well (after it was added to the APP version 3 days ago), and also more stability, and a custom data partition size option. This update is available on the CoolBooter repo that can be found down below.

But what is Coolbooter?
CoolBooter is a tool created especially to make the process of dualboot on iOS (that was terribly hard since it involved being Jailbroken and fiddling with patching and partitions), way simpler reducing it at a couple terminal commands (CLI) or even simpler, a couple taps on a few app buttons.
Coolbooter lets you run 2 different iOS versions both of them working perfectly, on the same time on your Jailbroken 32-Bit iDevice. For example, you can have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 6.1.2 at the same time and you switch between them as you wish.

! Note: Coolbooter is In Beta. Some devices are not supported, you should only use Coolbooter if you know what you're doing. It is recommended to make a couple backups before using the tool. It is less likely something bad will happen, but better safe than sorry. Upon testing, Coolbooter performs very well in here, but just to be on the safe, make a backup.

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