iOS 9.3.5 Nalu Jailbreak Project Status – Why It Has Been Removed

Since quite a lot of people are asking me about the current status of the Nalu Jailbreak project created by osxusr (a beginner iOS developer), I've decided to make a video about the reason it has been removed from GitHub as I've spoken to osxusr on Twitter and he has explained in-depth the situation. Nalu was a Jailbreak project started by a beginner iOS developer, osxusr. This project was apparently based upon Luca Todesco's iOS 9.3.5 CodeSign bypass exploit / bug published 9 months ago on GitHub. 

Nalu Jailbreak project was in its infancy and since the developer behind it was actually learning iOS programming and iOS exploiting, there was no ETA or guarantees it will ever be completed. I've discussed with osxusr recently and he told me that Luca Todesco said his 9.3.5 CodeSign bypass can't be used for a jailbreak (or isn't enough – osxusr didn't explain very well the context in which Luca said this). Fair enough, since it is definitely clear that just by having the 935csbypass by Luca, you can't build a full Jailbreak. Anyways, osxusr has decided to remove the project from GitHub completely, and the link now redirects to a 404 error page, and therefore I've been getting quite a lot of questions about the Nalu project and why it has been removed.

Anyways, the reason I made this video was to let you know about Nalu, about its current status and why it has been removed from GitHub, so that you don't need to ask in the comments section about Nalu. Props to osxusr for explaining me the situation and for trying. He's a beginner developer, so I wish him good luck in his journey! 🙂

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