32-Bit Jailbreak: NEW Hope – i0nic Will Release New Kernel Bugs!

Today I have some great news for 32-Bit device users. As you may already know, with iOS 11 Beta 1, all 32-Bit devices (like iPhone 5 and 5C) were dropped, which means these devices won't receive any new updates past iOS 10.x when iOS 11 comes out. This also means that Apple won't bother to make any new security patches for the exploits that get published for these old devices.

Today, Stefan Esser (known as i0nic), a reputable iOS Developer and Security Researcher that was involved in jailbreaks in the past, said on his twitter that since iOS 11 has ended the support for 32-Bit devices, he might declassify (publish) some 32-Bit only Kernel bugs that he has. Even if he followed it up with the fact that he will NOT build the Jailbreak himself, the fact that these bugs will become public domain is very good since any knowledgeable developer can step in and exploit them, and build a Jailbreak tool on top of them. Who is gonna do that? I don't know, but whoever decides to take the challenge, will have a huge jumpstart due to these bugs.

So, 32-Bit devices might still have a chance for a Jailbreak in the future. No ETAs are known, but Stefan said he might be releasing these bugs somewhere after iOS 11 drops (that would be in the fall). 
According to Stefan Esser, these bugs have been present on 32-Bit devices for years, this means both iOS 9.x and 10.x might be supported, so the only advice I can currently give is – stay as low as possible, not only for the bugs, but because the closer you get to iOS 10.3.3 the worst the speed of the device gets.

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NOTE: Don't go ahead and ask Stefan "wen eta" "please release jailbreak" and stuff like this. This kind of questions are very annoying for developers and will most likely result in you being blocked or the developer being pissed off. They're humans and they work at human rate. You asking them everyday when they release, won't help improving things.

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