iOS 9.3.4 – iBSS & iBEC Patches for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C (For Odysseus or CFW)

Today I released the iBSS and iBEC patches for iPhone 5 and for iPhone 5C. This video is a follow-up to my previous videos In which I released ASR patches for the same devices. Using these 3 patches (iBEC, iBSS and ASR) and using the keys page from the iPhone Wiki, you can create the Downgrade Bundles for Odysseus to downgrade your Jailbroken x32 device, or to create a Custom Firmware if you have an exploit to be able to load the file.

Now to get things clear, these patches are NOT intended for average users. If you are not a developer and you don't know how to use this patches, don't try them, you might mess up your phone (would require iTunes restore).

For developers, use Odysseus and your SHSH with a valid APTICKET for downgrades. For CFW (iCloud Bypass or Other modifications) you don't need the SHSH Blobs.

I recommend you to use shasum to make sure your downloads are not corrupted before starting the crafting process.

You gotta move fast, now that iOS 9.3.5 was released, Apple won't keep iOS 9.3.4 signed for too long.

==Download Section==
Them patches:!s88W1YqD!-BPSSpMgnQAga7qPwNZZBSbpwt-fgIzETXE5vZrxeMU

iOS 9.3.5 Contents:


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