iOS 10 Beta 8 Is Up! | iOS Beta 8 Setup.App Patch For iCloud Bypass Released

Apple released yesterday the iOS 10 Beta 8 update for iOS Developers and the general public. This update, according to the release notes provided by Apple on the Software Update section, consists in Bug Fixes and Improvements, basically iOS 10 Beta 8 is extremely close to the final shape of iOS 10 GM (Golden Master) Build.

As the iOS 10 Beta 8's ROOT FILE SYSTEM is still decrypted, I took the time to create the Setup.App Patch for the developers who wanna try CFW creation on OS X.

This Setup.App Patch is improved so that it will not give you any "Free space" related issues.

We recommend you to make a backup using iTunes before installing iOS 10 in case you need to go back to iOS 9.3.5 or in case something goes wrong during the update!

Although we did our best to improve it to avoid that specific error, in case it persists, here is what you need to write down in the terminal window (detailed in the video).

==The Terminal Command==

hdiutil resize -size 3G path-to-your-DMG-file

Please consult the F.A.Q. page for more error fixes / explanations and additional info. (Strongly recommended).

==Download Section==
Setup.App Patch iOS 10 Beta 8:!hksiQI5b!QsTgDpJ-m3uyPMFvC5pKfpvKhw-mt8PyopTgxKjhwYE

==More info==
Download iOS 10 Beta 8:
F.A.Q. Page (iCloud Bypass):
iOS 10 On The iPhone Wiki:


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