iOS 9.3.4 – How to use iBSS and iBEC Patches Correctly (CFW Creation – For Developers)

In today's video I will show you how to properly use the iBEC and iBSS patches that I released a couple of days ago. The procedure is actually simple, but if made wrongly, you might end up with errors describing "corrupted iBEC / iBSS".

Both the decryption of the DFU Files (iBEC / iBSS) and the actual patching is being carried out by F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager App that you can download free of charge from the description.

The bootchain:
You need to patch iBEC and iBSS when you downgrade using Odysseus / kloader, or when you build CFWs if you have an exploit or if you are already Jailbroken. If you don't know any of these apps, or if you are not a developer, I recommend you not to mess with DFU files at all. NAND attack does NOT require patching Ramdisk or iBEC and iBSS because if you use NAND attack you don't have / don't use any exploit to PWN the DFU.

During the iBSS and iBEC phase, the SHSH blobs are being checked, as well as the Ramdisk integrity. Patching iBEC and iBSS removes those signature checks.




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