iOS 11.3/11.2.x Jailbreak Update: Saurik News, New Vulnerability Write-ups Published

In today's video, we're discussing some important news on saurik and his continuous struggle to keep the jailbreak in good lights. Since 2012, A DMCA exemption made the process of jailbreaking your iOS device completely legal. In 2015, saurik has presented his points in front of the committee yet again managing to extend the DMCA exemption to keep jailbreak legal.

Just a few days ago he went ahead yet again to testify in front of the committee. He is actively struggling to keep our community alive and to maintain our right to modify the devices we paid for. He is the reason we can legally jailbreak, install #Cydia, install tweaks and themes on our iPhones and he is the reason our developers cannot get sued by Apple for building jailbreaks. Imagine the status of our community today if he never fought for this right. 

In other news, a few write-ups have been published by Jonathan Levin (from HITB conference) and by Min (Spark) Zheng about iOS jailbreaking and about finding vulnerabilities in the iOS and macOS Kernel drivers. These are very important write-ups since they help new security researchers get into #iOS and #Jailbreak development.
This also goes to prove that Min Zheng does make his research publicly available despite what some people claimed.

I will keep you informed on saurik's progress in helping the jailbreak community remain thing and I will keep you updated with anything that's going on in the jailbreak community.

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