iOS 11.2/11.2.6/11.3 Possible Jailbreak Project (PurpleSmoke) CLARIFICATIONS

In today's video, I am gonna explain the situation around the PurpleSmoke project created by MTJailed on GitHub a few days ago. After a redditor posted it on the Jailbreak subreddit, a few people started believing it is an upcoming jailbreak and asked me to check whether it is a legit project or not. Apparently, the developer of the project is the developer of MTerminal Jailed which happens to be a Terminal for iOS that runs without a jailbreak (possibly by using the same approach FilzaJailed uses).

I have checked the project and although it looks promising, for the moment it is nothing very useful for a jailbreak. From what I can see, the developer does understand a thing or two about iOS Security and he does know how to code, however, he is yet to learn how to exploit a vulnerability. The code seemed to me more like a sketch project designed for learning. This has, indeed, been confirmed by MTerminalJailed who said it isn't intended to be a jailbreak but a work in progress for him to learn. 

By analyzing the code I can see that he takes advantage of one of the recently released iOS 11.2.x kernel vulnerabilities (the x18 leak) and he seems to be waiting for a kernel exploit to be released. Judging by the code he has written, I tend to believe that, granted a kernel exploit is released, he might be able to use it to build a very basic jailbreak, however, don't quote me on that.

All in all, although the developer doesn't look totally fake (that is he does have some coding knowledge), I won't be waiting for a jailbreak in the near future from him unless a kernel exploit is released. He does not seem to have enough knowledge to build an exploit from scratch. These are my conclusions, I hope they help to shed some light on the PurpleSmoke project.

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