iOS 11.3.1 / 11.x SnowBoard RELEASED (Anemone Alternative) | How to Use SnowBoard for iOS Themes

In today's video, we're going to discuss the release of SnowBoard, an alternative to Anemone, the common iOS Theming Platform. #SnowBoard was released by SparkDev and was designed by Dennis Bednarz and it is now available in the Chariz repo. The differences between Coolstar's Anemone and Spark's SnowBoard is quite big. For one, Anemone installs as an application while SnowBoard installs a PreferencePanel in the Settings. All you have to do to switch the themes is to go to the Settings and then to SnowBoard.
SnowBoard also lacks the bugs of Anemone which are known to cause battery draining beyond normal, heating, crashes and overall device instability. SnowBoard applies the themes in an instant without any lengthy open animations. 

SnowBoard is compatible with themes for Anemone and Winterboard and it will automatically detect them when you install them from Cydia. However, there is a catch: For the moment, as for v1.0.1 SnowBoard cannot theme the fonts or the masks on the system just icons (which is enough for most people). SnowBoard also has a few settings you can toggle for icons and a toggle for On / Off if you wanna disable it altogether.

Coolstar has announced Anemone 3 a few weeks ago which is supposed to fix all the problems Anemone has, but we are yet to see a release (or any progress) on that. Snowboard works from iOS 7.0 all the way up to 11.4 Beta 3

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