In today's video, I have some interesting news to discuss about a new #untethered jailbreak for #iOS 10.x up to 10.3.3 achieved by Twitter user @dora_iOS. He or She posted a video demonstrating a fully untethered jailbreak on 32-Bit, iPhone 5 with custom boot logo and verbose boot. 

Since there are a custom boot logo and a verbose boot, it gives away the fact that an iBoot exploit was used. And yes, in fact, we're talking about De Rebus Antiquis, the iBoot exploit for iOS 7.1.2 and lower released by @xerub back in May 2018. Since it was patched in iOS 8, it is clear that it won't work on iOS 10 so apparently, @dora_iOS managed to use it by loading the iOS 7.0.4 iBoot which is vulnerable using SHSH blobs and continuing the chain from there. Pretty neat exploitation technique.

If you haven't saved your iOS 7.0.4 (or other 7.x versions) blobs at that time when it was signed, this will not be of any use for you, since you cannot use somebody else's blobs. However, if you did save them, you may be able to get yourself an untethered #Jailbreak with custom boot logo and verbose boot.

NOTE: I never heard of @dora_iOS before and there is also not much to go after on his/her twitter account or GitHub. However, @xerub seems have entered the tweet conversation and he posted some iPhone 4 offsets which makes it clear that @dora_iOS didn't fake it, otherwise, @xerub would have probably called him/her out. Plus, @dora_iOS is also followed on Twitter by a good number of developers in our community.

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