iOS 12 / iOS 11.4.1 / 11.4 JAILBREAK NEWS: iOS 12.0.1 RELEASED, 11.4.1 UNSIGNED & MORE

In today's we're discussing very important (and bad) #News for those of you interested in Jailbreaking. Just a few hours ago #Apple has released #iOS 12.0.1 which is fixing the iPhone XS charging and Wi-Fi bugs, and with that occasion, they have unsigned iOS 11.4.1 a few hours later which means that it is now no longer possible to save SHSH2 blobs for iOS 11.4.1 or upgrade or downgrade to it. Normally it wouldn't matter that much, however, iOS 11.4.1 is currently the recommended version to stay on if you wanna jailbreak.

iOS 12 introduced a few changes that are, indeed, making jailbreaking a bit harder. Not impossible, as Pangu Jailbreak Team managed to jailbreak iOS 12 on the latest iPhones quite quickly, however, there is no word on any releases coming from Pangu Team anytime soon and I wouldn't hold my breath for Electra Jailbreak being updated to support iOS 12 anytime soon either.

iOS 11.4.1 on the other hand, doesn't change much. With the kernel exploit Ian Beer has announced he'll be released on Twitter, Electra may easily be updated to support iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1, so if you run iOS 11.4.1 do not update as it is now impossible to go back to it once you updated.

In this video, we also talk about the fake iOS 12 #Jailbreak websites and videos that started to pop up recently and are using names like "Coolstar" or "Pangu" or even "Electra" to sound credible. I was sent a few links to such things and I was even asked if they are legitimate so I decided to cover at least one in this video to raise the awareness.

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