New Extra Recipe Jailbreak Update (Beta 4) Now Supports iOS 10.0.x on iPhone 7

In today's quick video we're discussing about @xerub's last update of the extra_recipe Jailbreak for iPhone 7 compatible with iOS 10.1.1 and now, with iOS 10.0.2 and iOS 10.0.1 (iOS 10.0.x). This extra_recipe Jailbreak aims to provide a stable Jailbreak for the iPhone 7 users that were using mach_portal + yaluX by Luca Todesco.

The Beta 4 does contain the mobile substrate and those who have tested the IPA build reported back mixed stories. Some reported reboots and multiple retries until they got it going, but most of the people reported success with Extra_Recipe and it is definitely more stable than mach_portal + yaluX Beta 3 that required you to activate the substrate manually.

Of course, if you're an iPhone 6S or lower (aarch64) user, you don't need to use Extra_Recipe, in fact you can't do so on iOS 10.2 because it is still not compatible with iOS 10.2 for iPhone 7, Pre iPhone 7 devices can still use yalu102 which does indeed work for iOS 10.2 to 10.0 and is stable enough to provide a good Jailbreak experience. But again, you should keep in mind that yalu102 as well as Extra_Recipe are beta jailbreaks and they are still prone to fail sometime or to crash from times to times, that is normal for a beta jailbreak so don't worry.

You can check out @xerub project in the description down below.

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