New Yalu DARK Jailbreak Update (With Substrate Disable / Enable) (iOS 10.2)

In today's video I am glad to release the Beta 12 of the Yalu DARK, which is my own modified version of yalu102 Jailbreak project by Luca Todesco and Marco Grassi. For those of you who don't know about Yalu Dark, it is a fully modified version that I made and basically implements a completely new User Interface to Yalu Jailbreak. It also includes some minor features, but the Jailbreak code remains untouched. 

In today's update I've added a toggle so that you can Jailbreak without enabling the Mobile Substrate. This is particularly useful if one of the tweaks you've installed creates troubles (crashes, reboots, or other type of issues), or if you just want to jailbreak without activating the tweaks. You can now do that simply by toggling the switch on or of prior to pressing Jailbreak. If you decide not to enable the substrate, all tweaks will be ignored (no tweak will start) but you will be jailbroken (no respring will be performed).

Of course,  Yalu Dark is Open Source and therefore, you can find the project on GitHub if you want to inspect it, modify it or redistribute it. It follows the same license as the yalu102 (WTFPL) that I've added down below.

You can download the IPA from my GitHub page or you can download the project and compile yourself on your mac if you wish.
Don't forget to give me feedback about the app or feature suggestions on the comments section.


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