iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Status (Week 21) | About Pangu, Extra_Recipe, ChronicDev Team

In today's video we have the Week 21 (May)'s Jailbreak Status in which we're going to iterate (and in some cases reiterate) the most important things that happened this week on the Jailbreak scene.
We are going to discuss about the new extra_recipe Jailbreak replacement for mach_portal + yaluX for iPhone 7, about the current situation about Pangu (spoiler alert, nothing new about them yet) and also we're going to talk about Chronic Dev Team that according to @chronic, one of the former members, might get back into public Jailbreak somewhere in FUTURE (which by future, he can mean a very long time, so don't get overhyped). Anyways, Chronic Dev Team returning sometime in the future on public Jailbreaks is definitely something I wanted to hear.

If you don't remember the Chronic Dev Team, you're probably either a bit too young, or you haven't been around back on iOS 3 and iOS 4. They are the developers behind GenPass and GreenP0ison Jailbreak, and they've been collaborating with other developers like geohot, saurik and so on. A very good team back then indeed.

Speaking about Pangu, there is absolutely nothing new to say about them, they've entered in the stealth mode again as they usually do after the demo of iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak at Janus and the rumors claiming that Pangu will be releasing the Jailbreak after iOS 10.3.2 gets released were now confirmed false.

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