New Jailbreak (Extra_Recipe) FORK for iOS 10.1.1 iPhone 7 (by ijapija00)

So, in today's video we're going to discuss about @ijapija00's extra_recipe Jailbreak FORK. This fork created by @ijapija00 aims to improve a bit the stability of the first versions of extra_recipe Jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 created by @xerub and Luca Todesco, of course, the patches that @ijapijja00 added are nowhere complex, but they do get the job done. I know I am not supposed to talk about his fork, because Luca Todesco doesn't like @ijapija00, and talking about @ijapija00's fork will only make Luca to be pissed of on me even more after we've argued, but people are asking me about this fork, and it has been reported by the jailbreak community as being quite stable.

@ijapija00 does have a colorful past in the iOS development, we do know that he does have some iOS knowledge as he is able to create at least beginner level tweaks, but it is also known that he has demoed a lot of never released (considered fake by the community) Jailbreaks for iOS 10.0 and up. That, tho, doesn't mean a developer can't change, and therefore, I have to say that @ijapija00 made his fork of extra recipe quite stable according to those who tried it.

Of course, Luca Todesco said you should not use @ijapija00's extra_recipe fork. He has stated no reasons, but I guess it is implied. If you're on an iPhone 7, you can use the official IPA available on the Luca's website which is Beta 3. Warning! Being a beta jailbreak replacement for mach_portal + yaluX, it is still prone to fail to apply the Jailbreak sometimes, keep that in mind.

I hope I made things clear, hopefully I won't receive a massive amount of hate from Luca Todesco for talking about the jailbreak fork of @ijapija00, but even if I do, I am happy that I made things clear so that now you know about this fork and whether is okay or not.

Ijapija00's Fork If you wanna try
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