iOS 14.7 – iOS 14.4 JAILBREAK A12+ NEWS: iOS 14.7 No Longer SIGNED & Downgrades Not Possible!

Today I have some bad news for the jailbreak community. Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.7, an iOS version we CAN use for jailbreak purposes. iOS 14.7.1 remains currently the only signed iOS version, but it’s not usable for jailbreak purposes. In fact, iOS 14.7.1 patches the exact LPE vulnerability released by Saar Amar that made iOS 14.7 a good candidate for a jailbreak.

Apple’s unsigning of iOS 14.7 came only 1 day after I made the announcement for everyone to save their SHSH2 blobs for future downgrades. Right now it’s no longer possible to downgrade from iOS 14.7.1 back to iOS 14.7, and so I recommend everyone who wanna jailbreak especially on A12+ devices to not update to iOS 14.7.1.

For those waiting for a jailbreak, PwnMy is currently the most likely jailbreak to be updated as multiple of the needed components already have been released. As for Unc0ver, it’d need a kernel vuln to be updated. The one released by Saar Amar wouldn’t work with Unc0ver.

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