Do NOT Install This Tweak On Your Jailbroken iPhone (Any iOS Version) – Battery Drain Warning!

In today’s video we’re discussing about a tweak you should definitely avoid no matter what iOS version are you running and on what device/jailbreak, because the tweak itself drains a lot of battery and provides very little benefit to the user. We’re talking, of course, about Dra1n.

Dra1n was supposed to be a tweak that gives accurate information on what is causing battery drain on your device and how much, but the tweak itself causes battery drain and the information it provides is often not accurate. It also requires removing your existing tweaks and installing them one by one so that they can be monitored which is cumbersome and also doesn’t work properly most of the times. I’ve asked the community how was their experience with this previously paid tweak, and the answers were mostly negative opinions with confirmation that it does indeed drain more battery.

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