BLUE Yalu Jailbreak For 64-Bit Devices (No iPhone 7) iOS 10 – 10.2 Review

In today's video we're going to review another fork of the yalu102 project, called Blue Yalu created by 1GamerDev. This particular fork includes quite a few new features and has a great design indeed. Structure-wise, Blue Yalu is very similar with Yalu Dark, the one that I've made. Both of them are basically forks aiming to resking the original yalu102 that is plain white and to give it a more advanced graphical user interface.

The compatibility
Since Blue Yalu as well as Yalu Dark use the same Jailbreak code written by qwertyoruiop and marcograssi , switching from the original yalu102 to Yalu Dark or Blue, or switching from one of the forks to another can be done with no issues.

I've tested Blue Yalu and it works perfectly fine on my devices that was initially jailbroken using the Yalu Dark fork. At the end of the day, both Blue Yalu and Yalu Dark are just custom interfaces for yalu102, so there is no reason why it shouldn't work to re-jailbreak a previously jailbroken device with yalu102.

Apart of the good looking user interface, Blue Yalu also includes a counter for the certification (days since installation), a NONCE setting, the ability to reinstall the jailbreak from scratch, or the ability to load the jailbreak without the Mobile Substrate component. All these features are working great.

Blue Yalu
The original yalu102 project
Yalu Dark
iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Status (Week 21) | About Pangu, Extra_Recipe, Chronic Dev Team


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