iOS 10.3.3 B2, WWDC17, iOS 11 | How is The Jailbreak Influenced

In today's video we're going to discuss about a couple of very important topics: Apple has released the Beta 2 of the iOS 10.3.3, that is now available for anyone to download, and at the same time, WWDC 17 is rapidly coming. Starting on June 5, the WWDC 17 will also reveal the iOS 11 Beta 1.

Of course, iOS 11 is not going to be only bug fixes or small features here and there, apple is usually making it major. If you remember, last year at WWDC16 they've unveiled the iOS 10 which was a big change compared to iOS 9 on both the User Interface and the Security side, so we expect iOS 11 to be something new, and hopefully containing some great new features.

Of course, with iOS 11 there might come some bad news as well, especially for 32-Bit device users (for example iPhone 5 / 5C). It is very likely that Apple will drop the 32-Bit support completely, not only for the devices but also for the Apps in iOS 11. This wouldn't be the first time, in fact, iPhone 4S has became obsolete last year when it did not receive the iOS 10 update.

Of course, all these will have implications for the Jailbreak. If WWDC17 is taking place in a few days, this also means iOS 11 Beta 1 must be ready until then, which also means that Apple has to release iOS 10.3.3. Of course, with the release of iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.1 is most likely going to get unsigned as Apple knows Pangu has already jailbroken this version and Adam Donenfeld will also release his exploit for it in the summer. 

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