iOS 10.3 RELEASED! | Any Chances For Jailbreak?

Apple has released today a bunch of updates for: tvOS, macOS, and of course, iOS 10.3 which finally exists the Beta stage after 7 Betas to bring you new features such as AirPods locating using Find My  iPhone, Siri improvements, bug fixes and of course, the new APFS or Apple File system format which replaces the 2 decades old HFS/HFS+ format. Although this new APFS format was developed with flash storage (and SSDs particularly) in mind, I really doubt you will see noticeable increment in speed. But the speed isn't the only change APFS brings tot he table: it includes advanced encryption, data protection, facile cloning  – all your favorites. 

Okay, enough blah-blah about the features, let's talk Jailbreak. 
Luca Todesco, the guy behind Yalu Jailbreak has announced today on his twitter 3 important already known things: Save your iOS 10.2.1 Blobs and if you care about the shiny Cydia, don't update to 10.3. Also, he said he quit Jailbreaking (he phrased it as "I am done with jailbreaking" which was poorly interpreted as a jailbreak being done, when in fact it means he WON'T be releasing any jailbreak for iOS 10.3). Maybe we need some help from Ian Beer again?

Anyways, iOS 10.3 brings some valuable changes to the table, so whether you update or not, depends solely on whatever you are planning to do: wait for a possible iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak, or go for APFS and… AirPods… Stuff…

APFS Details:
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Security Contents of 10.3:
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Yalu Dark Jailbreak Beta 8:
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