627 Million iPhones Hacked (UPDATE) & How To Protect Your iPhone!

If you remember the video I've made 4 days ago about the threat that made headline news, you probably already know that a turkish hackers group has threatened Apple with erasing of 627 million iPhones they have right now in control if Apple doesn't pay a 75,000$ ransom. Well, media outlets have apparently got it wrong when it comes to figures. A lot of people think the threat is fake because the hackers have demanded a too small amount of money. 75,000$ is definitely a very small amount for what they claim to have – control over 627 million Apple IDs. The only problem is – it is not 75,000$, it is 100,000$ for EACH TEAM MEMBER AND THEY ARE 7 members, thus rising the total Apple has to pay, to 700,000$. Does that look small now?

Somebody has talked with one of the team members on twitter (yes they have a twitter account) and they said the media got it wrong. But why is this important? Okay, the amount of money they demanded was actually very big, how does that changes anything? Well, it does. Because it is now justifying the fact that Apple looked very concerned despite the fact that they refused to pay the ransom. Remember? Apple said they are working with the law enforcements to track the hackers down. Why would you track down with the police somebody who is NOT a real threat?

To be honest, I call this a big BS, most likely they have something, leaked databases, or anything related, but not as big as they claim, but it is clear that Apple doesn't take any chances so in today's video I am also showing you how to protect your device from being wiped remotely, should they happen to really do that on April 7.

The original video (watch to understand better!): https://youtu.be/PUOv1SUdxrg
MacRumors Article: https://goo.gl/gZ1amc
MotherBoard Article: https://goo.gl/rhvTvW
iDownloadBlog Article: https://goo.gl/KuAS9D


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